Sundhedsstyrelsen – Aldersgrænse for salg


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At our brewery you can buy a nice 2-liter special bottle with freshly bottled draft beer. When you are thirsty, just stop by and get the bottle filled.

Many years ago we had a dairy on the estate, where locals came by every day and fetched milk and ice cream to take home. We stick to the tradition at the brewery, where you can now come and buy your own 2-liter special bottle with good local beer - just to refill again and again. You get freshly bottled draft beer directly from the taps at Traktørstedet by the brewery, to enjoy at home. The first time you pay for the bottle including beer. And when thirst strikes, you just stop by and get your bottle refilled - at a really good price, of course.

Facts about cleaning

After emptying the bottle, rinse in warm water and clean with a brush. Do not use soap.

You fill the bottle half full with warm water and add 2 teaspoons of Soda - shake thoroughly and use the brush again. Remember the stopper before you shake :-)

Finally, rinse after 2 times in clean water and set the bottle to dry - it is best that it is completely dry before the next refill.


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