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No coincidence – No rush – Just quality

Great taste for life

In beautiful surroundings Krenkerup Brewery produces top quality beers using only water, malt, hops, yeast and nothing else!

We brew in accordance to the German Purity Law - a production method focusing solely on four ingredients and absolutely no additives, preservatives or added enzymes, colors or sugars.

Uncompromising quality

At Krenkerup we believe that only pure raw materials can create a beer of a special supreme quality. We mainly use barley from our own production on the estate, and we use Fuglsang Malting Company in Denmark to make sure our beers are made of the best possible ingredients.

The Krenkerup brand stands for uncomprimising quality and a rich history, and we are often chosen because of our high quality, our clean, balanced style and the fact that we brew Craftbeer with no additives according to the Bavarian law of purity.

Krenkerup Brewery has an exclusive and stylish design and expression that goes on in labels, bottle design, printed material and online communication.

The story of
an empressive estate

Krenkerup Brewery is a new and modern part of the old and distinguished Krenkerup Estate near Sakskoebing in Denmark. The estate has, since 1367, been passed on in the same family from generation to generation.

Throughout the centuries making use of the surrounding land has been an important focal point for the estate. Krenkerup has never been sold to anyone but has instead been passed on from generation to generation over last 650 years.

Today Krenkerup Estate is being run by the 18th generation with the help of a dedicated and loyal staff. The estate is a modern agricultural and forestry company with an associated brewery.

Selected references

We are proud to deliver our products to some of the country's most honored restaurants and specialty shops.

Our products

You now have the oppurtunity to offer your customers quality beer with an attractive, rich flavor – that comes with a long and respected history.

1367 Pilsner

Steeped in tradition, our take on the classic beer type Pilsner is an homage to the way a true pilsner should taste. Refreshing with a subtle bitterness derived from traditional German hops and our own barley.


The Classic is a true Danish invention. A slight dark lager beer with slight sweetness from our own malting barley harvested right here on the estate. The use of true traditional hop types, give our Classic a fully balanced taste.


Our IPA is a journey back to the traditional IPAs. Using Citra and Cascade hops the Krenkerup IPA is as traditional as they get. No wild hoppy attack, but a subtle bitterness and very well rounded flavor bringing with it notes of mango and grape.


Velvety soft, yet rich in flavor and body without becoming heavy. Our Stout is a great companion for any game dish, and remarkable as a beer with cheese and heavy desserts.

Doppel Bock

The aroma is roasted rye bread, dark chocolate and fine notes of candied chestnuts. Strong in alcohol but so very well balanced.


This export strength pilsner has a perfect harmony between alcohol and drinkability. The name Gold underlines the high quality of all our raw ingredients from local water and barley to premium German hops and the best French yeast we can find.

Brown Ale

Our Brown Ale is as traditional as they get. A malty body with just very gentle hoppy notes. Delicate sweetness and with a great finish lingering long in the mouth.


Light, cloudy and with a brilliant white and stable head of foam. The aroma is complex with hints of banana and cloves. Proudly made in the traditional way using only four ingredients. Water, malt, hops and yeast.


The Krenkerup Rauch Bier or Smoked beer, is one of our flagship beers. Complex and sweet, with a very distinct smoky flavor, that is in perfect balance with the rest of the ingredients.


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