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Øl fra Krenkerup

Our Brew Pub

‘Krenkerup Traktørsted’ is our Brew Pub located right next to our brewery and in the same building.

You get a front row seat to all the action in the brewery while enjoying our freshest beer. We try to keep things informal and the guests are a great mix of locals and people from nearly all parts of Denmark together with beer thirsty tourists from most of the world. 


        • 30 cl draught beer: 35 Dkr.
        • 40 cl draught beer: 45 Dkr.
        • 50 cl draught beer: 55 Dkr.
        • 1 l draught beer: 90 Dkr.
        • Rhubarb soda: 32 Dkr.
        • Local Apple Juice: 30 Dkr.
        • ‘Krenkerup Bræt’: 130 Dkr.

If you need to wind down, relax and enjoy some time alone or in great company with friends and family, Krenkerup Brew Pub is just the right spot for that. Have a chat with the guys and girls behind the bar, and learn more about our heritage as well as our beer. They are all locals and will gladly send you off to explore different parts of our lovely island.

We have most of our beers on tap all the time and can always guarantee that we are fully stocked when it comes to bottles and gift ideas. Why not try our 2 L Growler with the beer of your choice? It’s a great way to take a bit of the brew pub feel, with you when you leave us.

Opening hours 2020

April 2021

Open in April 2021:

Krenkerup Traktørsted is open for serving outside:

Wednesday 21. april kl. 14-18
Thursday 22. april kl. 14-18
Friday 23. april kl. 14-18
Saturday 24. april kl. 12-18
Sunday 25. april kl. 12-16
Thursday 29. april kl. 14-18
Friday den 30. april kl. 12-18


Please read this before you visit us:

– We serve beer and snacks – not meals
–  You can only be 10 people in a group
You must wear a face mask when using the toilet. (all people above 12 year)
– Ordering and payment takes place at the tables outdoors.