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Krenkerup Bryggeri
Krenkerup Bryggeri
Krenkerup Bryggeri

The Brewery

Our beer is being produced from pure raw materials, and in accordance to the German purity law. We mainly use malts from our own production on the estate.

Krenkerup Brewery is the newest addition to the old and distinguished Krenkerup Estate situated in the beautiful Danish countryside, near our local town Sakskoebing. The estate has, since 1367, been passed on from generation to generation without ever being sold, giving the owners family very special and long lasting relations to the local area and the people within it.

The brewery is located in the estate’s old grain storage building with a significant amount of the original structure still preserved. The impressive steel fermentation tanks for beer production, share the space with the building’s 300 year old oak beams. The estate beautifully combines the old buildings with the new and state of the art, top modern brewery.

Krenkerup Brewery produces its top quality beers in accordance to the Bavarian purity law. A production method focusing solely on four ingredients and absolutely no additives, preservatives or added enzymes, colors or sugars. We create quality beer using only water, malt, hops, yeast and nothing else!

Nothing is left to chance with Krenkerup beer; even the water being used in the brewing process is tailored to suit the individual beers. We use the perfect mix of hard and soft water with our various types of quality beers – you can really taste the difference.