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Krenkerup Doppel Bock

This beer has been rewarded Best European Doppel Bock at European Beer Star 2012.

Our bock is the strongest beer we produce. Still in accordance to the German purity laws – no freezing, distilling or other cheats were used to produce the complex beer. The bock type of beer was traditionally brewed under the lent by the Bavarian monks because of its richness in taste and alcohol.

Krenkerup Doppel Bock is twice as rich and will ensure you to keep warmth in the cold winter months. A beer which should be enjoyed with respect and with time to spare.

It has a distinct malt sweetness with a full body and packs a punch. This Bock type of beer sits in our storage tanks for more than 10 weeks to make sure it has matured fully and has just the right balance. With 8,3 % alcohol and a very high drinkability, it commands a certain respect.

Alc. 8.3%